Hangman PMP

**Welcome to the classic game of Hangman! Find the secret word by guessing its letters. Guess the words before the guy is hanged!

Topics Include:

●PMBOK 6th edition

●10 knowledge areas and 49 processes

PMP ITTO (Japanese version)


PMP Formulas

This app contains all FORMULAS under PMP® required and let you to carry in the pocket and study on the go.



Based on PMBOK 6th Edition

This PMP ITTO game will test your knowledge of ITTO which are very important in PMP exam and it enables your "photographic memory" while you are playing.The game also helps you easily and quickly see the relationships and inter-dependencies between all the process groups and knowledge areas. 

*This is the most EFFICIENT WAY to learn the logic of ITTO.

(Updated to PMP®,PMBOK® Guide 6th edition)



PMP ITTO Game (Chinese version)

PMP ITTO Game (Chinese version)


PMP ITTO Game (Japanese version)

PMP ITTO Game (Japanese version)


PMP Exam

Ultimate PMP® Exam Simulator (PMBOK 6)


This application provides a very generous review of the PMP exam with over 1600 questions to help you prepare and 'ACE' the PMP. 

PMP Maths

This app is primarily targeted for people, who wish to improve and reinforce the PMP® mathematics. With 500+ highly professional PMP® Certification Mathematics, this app help you to 'Ace' the toughest part of the PMP - math and statistics. 



"There is no shortcut to learn all the mathematics skills on PMP  unless you really work on it."



Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).The CAPM exam has been designed to ensure that certified individuals have sufficient knowledge of project management processes and terminology. The CAPM exam is considered appropriate for the following individuals: project team member; junior project management practitioner; novice to project management; or college student interested in project management.

CISSP Exam 2016

CISSP® Exam (Effective April 15, 2015).


Over 1600 questions to help you prepare and 'ACE' the CISSP. Exam taken by 8 domain areas. 


Our CISSP Exam Questions give you the opportunity to test your knowledges on a set of questions and allows you to reinforce your strengths and improve your weaknesses under our app's analysis system.

CISSP Flashcard

New CISSP® FlashCards (Effective April 15, 2015).


Over 800+ flashcard helps you improve/reinforce your CISSP knowledges that is taken by 8 domain areas. 


Certified Information SystemsSecurity Professional (CISSP)




Certified Information Systems Auditor, (CISA®)


This app is aiming to sit in on the June 2016 exam. It mirrors the examination structure and covers the five CISA domains:


Domain 1: The Process of Auditing Information Systems.

Domain 2: Governance and Management of IT.

Domain 3: Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation.

Domain 4: Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support.

Domain 5: Protection of Information Assets.

CISA Flashcard

CISA® FlashCards


Over 1000+ flashcard helps you improve/reinforce your CISA knowledges


Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)



●Over 1000+ flashcards for you to master the CISA® knowledge. 

●Contains all abbreviations and IMPORTANT terms 




Ultimate ITIL® foundation Exam question pool over 1000 professional exam questions (Updated to the latest ITIL® 2011 edition) 

●Over 75% passing rate!


The Foundation Level focuses on knowledge and comprehension to provide a good grounding in the key concept, terminology and processes of ITIL®. Over 75% passing rate. (Very High ITIL delegate Pass Rates)


The ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) exam is an ultimate certification test for IT management professionals.This app will help you to "Ace the exam" by studying its IMPORTANT terms and Abbreviation before deep dive to the details. Get this installed into your iPhone, iPad and iPod so you can study and train yourself anywhere. 


*This is a ITIL® Practice app in LITE version.

Study for the CFA Exam

Ultimate Level I CFA® Exam Simulator, 2017.


●Over 1600 exceptionally-written Level I CFA professional exam.

●Provide the best value for your "MONEY" and high 'PASSING' rate!


Now that you have prepared and practiced for the Level I CFA® exam, you are ready to perform and put your skills and knowledge to the test.


We have more M-learning/Gamified learning apps have been selling on AppStore.

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